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With the amount of fluid that comes out of a baby’s nose, how are they not dehydrated?  A baby girl of my acquaintance should be visibly desiccated from fluid loss through her nasal passages.  Not so, though.  A puzzle.

I could live very happily on lasagne for the rest of my life.  I’d accept chocolate if it were offered, though, in case a refusal offended.

When you see guys being led out of court with blankets over them to protect their identities, who brings the blanket?

Why can’t someone start a business going around door-to-door early on school mornings providing socks?  The money I would pay for matching socks at 8.30 in the morning!  They could later diversify into shoes, lunch boxes etc if the market dictated.  But the core business should be socks.

The Lotto jackpot last weekend was €16.4 million.  Just the .4 of that would have changed my life.  Honestly, match 3 plus the bonus would be a godsend at this stage.

The shocks went in my car today.  I have a courtesy car from the AA for two days.  It is a 2010.  It is nicer than my house.









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At what point in your life do you discover a talent for escapology?  And how?

Ditto setting crosswords.  When do you find out that you are a sadist who can make money from getting strangers to torture themselves?

I love Stephen Fry.  On balance, slightly more than I love John Stewart, but it’s a close run thing.

The only way we as Irish taxpayers will ever get any money back from bailing out Anglo Irish Bank is if we torch their premises and claim off the insurance.  We could get even more money if we opened it up to anyone who wanted to come along with a Molotov cocktail and kick in, say, a tenner for one throw.  But then that raises the problem of how we’d keep the thing secret for the purposes of insurance fraud, because in all likelihood we’d get thousands turning up.  You can see why finance is such a complex area.

You can never go wrong in any situation by quoting Oscar Wilde or Fr Ted.

You disagree?  Down with that sort of thing!

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A child born on the day I met my Present Husband would now be old enough to vote and legally drink.  They’ve probably been drinking illegally for years, but that’s neither here nor there.

I fall over a lot more than a habitually sober adult should.

I started sewing again recently.  I realised that the nun who taught me to sew figured very prominently in The Ryan Report.   I am better with a needle than she was as a teacher of children, which is not exactly high praise.

I love Jon Stewart.  I mean I really love him.  In a way that my Present Husband should be a little troubled by.  And he’s not.  Which in turns troubles me.

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