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Well done – you shook that dreadful cold!
Your donor liver is ten years old!
You came up with a witty barb!
You went all week without a carb!
You managed Christmas all alone!
Hurray – You passed your kidney stone!
Your in-laws’ décor is banal!
You now don’t need a root canal!
Twelve years in work, you hate the place
But now you have a parking space!
Congrats – You cleared your credit card
(First time ever, that was hard)!
Your knee packed up, you got one new
It’s six years old – hurray for you!
That scary smell inside the shed
Is not being caused by something dead!
Your aunts who are a pair of crones
Are stuck in Heathrow without their phones!
The dress you bought in last year’s sale
Now fits you right when you exhale!
Your ex’s car has got a clamp
And his new girlfriend, she’s a tramp!


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